Eyeliner Tattooing

Permanent makeup lasts up to three to five years and reduces the worry and time of applying makeup. Sleep, swim, perspire, wash, cry and your makeup remains in place! Cosmetic tattooing also known as permanent makeup and micropigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.

Kara has newly qualified in cosmetic eyeliner tattooing, and to gain experience and get pictures for our website and social media, we are looking for models for eyeliner tattoo at a reduced price (for a limited time only) $100 Deposit it required.

Book in now at our Redcliffe Salon  ~ Models start from 8th May 2024.

Eyeliner Tattoos

  • Initial Consultation $0
  • New Thick Eyeliner Tattoo - Models Discounted Price $250
  • New Top & Bottom Eyeliner Tattoo - Models Discounted Price $320
  • New Lash Enhancement Tattoo - Models Discounted Price $230
  • 12 - 18 Month Refresh - Models Discounted Price $199
  • Over 18 Months Refresh - Models Discounted Price $250
  • Perfection Appointment - Models Discounted Price $120

    4-6 weeks after eyeliner tattoo.

What is a Eyeliner Tattoo?
If you love wearing eyeliner, save precious time every morning with the perfect permanent eyeliner that doesn’t smudge throughout the day! Brighten and enhance the shape, colour and size of your eyes.
Eyeliner Tattoo is a great semi-permanent solution for women with vision impairment, allergies, active lifestyles, smudging of makeup, minimal lashes or just can’t be hassled putting it on daily. With the latest techniques, there’s no downtime, minimal swelling and little to no pain.


A numbing cream is applied to the area prior to your eye tattoo procedure, which should make the whole process relatively painless. Some people with sensitivity or a lower pain threshold may find the procedure mildly uncomfortable, but generally most client’s experience little or no pain.

The procedure usually takes approximately 2-3 hours, including the numbing process (approximately 30 minutes). A traditional look usually takes less time, however a stronger eyeliner, wing or cat eye could take 2 – 3 hours.

Most eyeliner tattoos will last between 8 and 18 months, however the pigment will eventually fade, so a ‘touch up’ is recommended after 12 months. Every skin holds the pigment differently and many things including medications, skin type and health can determine the rate of fading.

There is usually no downtime after an eyeliner procedure, just a few cautionary things to avoid during the healing process – usually 7 – 10 days.

  • Avoid mascara, which is full of bacteria so can increase your chance of infection before the skin has full healed.
  • Similarly, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes to minimise the risk of germs and bacteria being spread.
  • Avoid swimming pools and saunas.
  • Avoid heavy exercise.
  • It’s smudge-proof and waterproof
  • It accentuates your eye shape and colour without the need for traditional makeup eyeliner.
  • You don’t need to apply eyeliner every day!
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